Sea Glass Necklace

These little beauties are hand-crafted by our artisans in Jordan. They are made from recycled glass and tumbled with water and sand from the Red Sea. How cool is that? But what’s even cooler is that at one point the women would actually go gather the glass pieces along the Red Sea. This was so helpful in cleaning up the beaches that they no longer find enough glass to create the jewelry with and so had to switch to using other glass.

I just think that’s the greatest story ever! Especially coming from a country that is not necessarily big into recycling. Our artisans are making a huge step in the right direction.

Gotta love it when you can wear something so incredibly beautiful that is also helping to clean up the environment. Because of the unique nature of these necklaces each one is unique and will vary in shape, size, and potentially even color.

For more information click here and change the lives of women in Jordan!

See Glass Necklace Handmade in Jordan

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