Winter Solstice

Before moving up to Alaska the winter solstice wasn’t even on my radar. But now it’s a thing. A BIG thing! We celebrate the winter solstice up here by doing a little happy dance because it means we start to gain daylight!

Sunrise: 10:58 AM

Sunset: 2:39 PM

If you’re not good at math, that equals to: Not very much daylight. HA!


This year the winter solstice was on a perfectly gorgeous clear day. A balmy temperature of 7 above. Not bad. And I’m seriously not being sarcastic. 😉 Although I did forget my gloves, so my hands were FREEZING while I took these pics.


And that ^ my friends is as high as the sun gets here during the winter. It just barely comes up, skims the horizon for a couple hours, and goes back down. Truthfully, though, I don’t really mind. For the most part. February gets a little tiresome. But all the gorgeous snow makes it seem brighter than it is. It’s crazy unique, that’s for sure!

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