Had the most mesmerizing display of Auroras that I’ve seen in awhile. And BONUS that it wasn’t even below zero! Makes for much more pleasant viewing. πŸ˜€ I was just hanging out in my front yard snapping away. HA! And then my battery died because I forgot to charge it. So, of course I missed the most magical part. Oh well. I still thoroughly enjoyed it. At one point I came inside to warm up, and my ENTIRE living room lit up with the lights. It was totally intense. I’ve never seen it get that bright before!


If you’re looking at my pictures thinking “dang, those don’t look nearly as impressive as other aurora photos I’ve seen”, I’ll tell you why that is. First off, I ain’t no professional photographer! Second off, I don’t have an actual aurora lens. I use a fish-eye lense, which does pretty good I think. And third, and probably the biggest reason, some of those fancy smancy cameras are actually picking up colors and details that we can’t necessarily see with the naked eye. So I’d LIKE to think that my pictures are actually portraying auroras more accurately. πŸ˜‰


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