New Little Fluffballs

Did I need more chickens? Of course not! Could I resist buying a couple more fluff balls? Absolutely not. They just make me so happy. I think it’s that maternal instinct that just needs to come out.

This time I only bought 3 more babies. All Americaunas this time. I just love how unique they all are. Plus they lay blue/green eggs, they lay very well, and they have small combs for our cold Alaska winter. All wins in my book.

I was a ton more lenient with these babies than with my first batch. Shhh. Don’t tell James that I let them run around the basement. And yes. They pooped on the carpet. I did *try* to keep them on the tile…but ya know. Babies. They had SO MUCH FUN running around. Totally adorable. I love watching them become more independent as they gain confidence.

Baby Chicks

Buddy did so well with them. I was more brave with this batch having him down by the babies without James’ help. We even had a few photo ops with the babies sitting on him. Be still my heart. 😀

Baby chick on Buddy

Thankfully I had no cases of pasty butt with these ones. Yay! Anyway, I’m super happy to have 3 little chicks.

Cuddling baby chick


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