Spring & Moose

We had more snow than normal this year which was totally fine by me. I adore a fully covered ground all winter long. But…now that *spring* is here I have that itch, probably like most of you. And by golly, that snow can’t melt quick enough! We still have about 2 foot, though, so it will be a few days. 😉 The temps have been in the 40’s with the teensiest of breezes, so that helps!

Anyhow, with the snow melting and the sun shining (HUGE mood changer for everyone up here!) the moose are just coming out of the woodwork. One day I saw 6 just out and about running errands. Awesomesauce. But the best is when they are just hanging in my yard…trimming my bushes in preparation for spring so I don’t have to.


This youngin’ was leaning up against my basement window when I went downstairs to let the dog out. I honestly did a double take because all I could see was his butt and I couldn’t figure out what the heck the dark shape was! Got a pretty good video of him which was fun. Usually they’re too quick to catch on tape!


Had to get my first selfie with a moose, ya know! Probably the only time I’ll ever feel safe doing that at 30 feet in the air on my deck. Pretty sure he can’t charge me up those stairs that have several feet of snow on them. 😀

And of course, as a friendly courtesy, white watching this guy on my deck, a neighbor walked by with his dog. So I shouted a friendly “Hey! There’s a moose down here, you might want to turn around!” Ya know. Just another day in Alaska.

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