Iditarod 2015

The second we heard that the Iditarod was going to be held in Fairbanks (only the second time in history) my husband and I both decided to take off work and go. So happy we did! Generally the race is from Anchorage to Nome but due to a mild winter Anchorage had nearly no snow and it was decided that Fairbanks would be the start this year. 

James and I parked at a friend’s house and then walked to the start which was a nice workout in all our winter gear. Pretty much perfect weather, though, at around 10 degrees Fahrenheit. It was fun to be at the start and listen to the announcer talk about the teams. Not to mention watching the dogs and their sheer excitement to RUN!!

You can see all their individual personalities which is hilarious. 

Ice sculpted dog sled team. We are the ice sculpting capitol of the world, ya know. 🙂

After hanging out at the start for awhile we wanted to check out the race where the teams merged onto the Tanana River via the Chena River. In this picture the Chena is in the bottom left corner, the rest is the Tanana. Unfortunately the teams were racing too close to the shore for us to see them at this vantage point, so we then headed back down and went directly onto the ice. 

Watching them from there was pretty sweet. 

If you ever get the chance, I’d highly recommend catching the start of a dog sled race. 🙂 It’s quite the sport of man and dog versus nature. 

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