Home Owners

It’s pretty entertaining to look back at your life and dwell on how you thought your life would turn out. At least, I find it entertaining. Only because when you’re little you tend to think things will actually turn out the way you plan. Ha! Then reality kicks in. And life happens. And stuff pretty much never turns out like you planned.
Case in point, I never ever dreamt that the first house I owned would be in Alaska. Of all places. Alaska. Me. The girl who screamed and threw a fit every time I put winter boots on because my socks were crooked. Or how I’d yank and claw at scarves cuz I thought I was suffocating.
So here I am. Roughly many years later and I now adore scarves, and am starting a boot collection.
Life is so ironic.
But truly, my husband and I are absolutely in love with our house. My favorite part, hands down, is the yard with our own little “woods”. We are slowly making the place our own and I’m excited to share some of our projects with you. I finally have an actual excuse to make cute things!!!! 🙂

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