Ice, Head Colds, and a Totaled Car

This is why blogging is not my full time job. Pretty sure I’d be fired for not showing up for work during the last 3 or so weeks. 🙂

Sorry ’bout dat. 

Sometimes life just happens. March started off a bit crummy for us. I was sick, our car was hit by a snowmobile and totaled it, then James got sick. I think we are past the hump now. Here are a few fun things we have managed to fit it.

Fairbanks hosted this year’s Arctic Winter Games which is more or less the Olympics for young athletes living in the arctic circle. We had visitors from Greenland, Russia, Canada, etc. It’s a pretty big deal! 

Unfortunately, with working and the whole car incident, I was only able to make it to the figure skating final ceremonies. I would have loved to see more of it! 

ICE PARK! World champion ice sculptures get together and compete in ice carving plus it’s an actual park with slides and all! I have wanted to check this out since it opened at the end of February…

Well we finally made it and I’m so glad we did. The ice sculptures were amazing, albeit a little melted since it’s been so warm here. Sad we were not able to see them in their full glory.

Um, yea. It’s a turtle bowl. I don’t know if the world can get any cooler. 🙂

Race cars…

And for some reason I thought this water bottle was super cool. 

My man being sappy. 🙂

The ice slides that we couldn’t go down because we don’t own a sled. 

So instead we enjoyed the little kid version. 🙂 Dude these things are fast! 

It was a good time. 

After the ice park we went downtown to run an errand and just happened to catch a fur auction and the end of a dog sled race. I just gotta say…I love Alaska. So quirky. And I love quirky. 


  1. Hi Bethany,
    These pictures are wonderful. I enjoyed seeing all of them–and thought it would have been fun to be there to see all the ice sculptures. They are amazing!
    Sorry to hear that you and James have not felt well–I guess you two, Grandpa and I were all sick at the same time! We both caught colds from David (who was here the first part of February to work for Duane). We managed to go to Ash Wednesday night service at church, but then did not attend until last Sunday!!! I think we missed at least 3 Sundays and it might have been 4! That's a record for us. We had such coughing and blowing of noses. We didn't want to pass that onto anyone else (and, besides, it doesn't seem polite to go to church and cough and blow one's nose during the service!!).
    We're both almost back to “normal”. Grandpa still has some bad coughing at times, but it's so, so much better!
    I've noticed that you have been having temps in the 40's during the day. That's warmer than what we have had the past couple of days. It's supposed to warm up, though, and get up into the 60's by this Sunday. It won't last long though, according to the forecasters.
    Will you be getting a different car sometime soon? Hope that all turns out well for you.
    Take care–and hope both of you are now feeling well–and will stay that way!!
    Love you both, Grandma


  2. Beth and James… so sorry to hear that you've been under the weather… and about the car… unique experience, to have your car totaled by a snow mobile (snow machine !!?? 🙂 SO enjoyed the images of the ice sculptures, thanks… also enjoyed your images of the Northern lights (that's not the word I want, but can't think of it right now!) :-p Enjoy every minute of your unique experiences in AK… hugs to you both, Marilyn


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