Yukon Quest 2014

Saturday was the start day for the 2014 Yukon Quest, baby!!!
This was a great experience. So glad I was able to go. Sadly, James is on night shift right now so he was sleeping and not able to see it. 
Only every other year does the Yukon Quest begin in Fairbanks. I’m pretty tickled that we were fortunate enough to be here during the “on” year. 
Apparently, the Yukon Quest is said to be a tougher race than the Iditarod. Mostly because the trail travels across several mountain ranges and check points are few and far between. Distance wise, the Yukon Quest is just slightly shorter than the Iditarod by about 100 miles.
It was a wonderful experience!


  1. That is so neat! Your slideshow with videos was great. The third team to start is my favorite. Will have to check out the race online. What a great experience for you!


  2. I was thinking of you the whole time and how much you would have loved to see! I've never really been too interested in watching dog sledding, but after watching this in REAL life I think I'm kinda hooked. It's pretty neat!


  3. Thanks!! Glad you enjoyed it. I was surprised how much I enjoyed the race. Very blessed to have had the opportunity to be here for it!


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