Chena Hot Springs Excursion

 Oh my gosh, people, my hubby and I had a super incredibly relaxing date the other day. I’ve been anxiously waiting to head to Chena Hot Springs and it was totally worth the wait. We had such a blast! 

The drive there was lovely. Only took an hour AND we saw a moose. So that’s always fun. 

First we just walked around a bit and checked it all out. The weather was a gorgeous 20 degrees which was amazing. They have little cabins you can rent, or funny looking yurtz, and then a hotel as well. Nothing fancy, but a fun place for the middle of Alaska! We didn’t spend the night, just spent the afternoon and late into the evening.

After that we headed on a tour of the indoor hydroponic gardens they have. Super cool! They serve the fresh veggies at the restaurant which we enjoyed later that night. The lettuce was pretty stinkin’ good. 

Then we went on a tour of the ice museum which was SO MUCH FUN!!! 

If you want, you can buy an appletini served in a martini glass made from ice. Of course we did, and of course we brought them home and have them stashed in our freezer. 🙂

The ice museum is pretty tiny…much smaller than I was expecting but James and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


James checking out the igloo. Which had a xylophone made from ice that he had fun playing. 🙂  


Warming myself by the fire. Check out the ice stools! They had reindeer hide on them which kept our tushies pretty warm, surprisingly.


Ahem. James having a private moment in the ice outhouse.

Apparently you can rent the “bedrooms” and sleep in their all night if you’d like!!

The only bummer about the excursion was not seeing the auroras. They just didn’t want to come out that night. But the sky was so amazingly clear and dark that the stars were incredible so we were content with star gazing.

Once we were nice and cold from the museum we headed to the hot springs which felt really great. I love how it actually feels like you’re in their “natural” state. The bottom is sandy gravel and there are big boulders that surround the entire pool. Very relaxing. 


They also have indoor pools but that’s no fun!

All in all it was a great time. Definitely glad we were able to go and hopefully we’ll be able to go back when the auroras are out and get some cool pictures.


  1. And “ditto” from me ~Mom,
    Thanks sooooo much for sharing! That James is so cute posing for you. 🙂 I think the ice xylophone impressed me the most (well, and that James could tell it was out of tune, haha.) It does look like a great place to go and is added to the list of places we'd like to visit when we're there.


  2. Yes, it is all year around! It's in a refrigerated (frozen?) building. We had a blast there. I'm sure you've been to places with more ice sculptures in WI, but we thought it was pretty cool. 🙂


  3. Haha, you caught his subtle humor, did you?? Such a funny guy. We had a ton of fun posing. 🙂 It's a must for when you come visit!


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