Caribou And A Ditch

 Yesterday seemed like a good day to take some pictures of caribou. Not in the wild, unfortunately, but still cool. There is a large wildlife research center not too far from our house where these suckers live. 

Thermometer read -14 when I left. I’m only telling you this so you appreciate the efforts I went to for these pictures. Jk jk. It was actually not too bad out. Except for the part about forgetting my gloves. But that’s what coat sleeves are for.


Lest you think this a boring story, I promise it has an exciting middle and thankfully a happy ending. 

After I was done photo shooting the lovely caribou I walked back to the truck (1/2 mile-ish) where I was welcomed with my cup of hot chai that I had brought along. Very brilliant of me. 

Winter woods

Oh yea. In case you missed this part, last week we had one really warm day where some of the snow melted. And then of course it froze again so the roads are crazy icy. It’s not too bad because at least you know it’s icy so you just drive accordingly. 

Caribou 3.JPG

Back to the story.

As I’m carefully pulling out of the parking lot thinking about caribou and deciding whether to turn left or right I choose left which is NOT the way I had come. And as I’m turning left (onto sheer ice going downhill…) I literally blink and the next think ya know the truck is sliding in the ditch.

Not even sure how that happened.

All adrenaline lets loose. I am not a fan of getting stuck. Or calling a tow truck. Or anything along those lines. So I’m driving sideways in the ditch and it feels like the truck is going to roll and for a fraction of a second I nearly stop the truck so I don’t roll. But then rational reasoning kicked in and I decided to gun it (in a ditch full of snow driving sideways, “gunning it” is a slight exaggeration …) because I know that if I stop I will for sure be stuck. 

As I continue to drive helter skelter sideways I’m trying to ease the truck back onto the road but she wasn’t going there. In one last ditch attempt (haha) I pulled the truck all the way into the ditch praying I wouldn’t bury it in the snow, gave her a little extra gas and plowed through a drift and somehow landed on the road. Which, if you remember, is full of ice so I slipped and slid a bit until I finally regained control. 

And no caribou were hurt during this ordeal.

Or trucks or people.

Thank the Lord. So glad He’s given me lots of guardian angels! 

Now that we have THAT out of the way…maybe that’s all the winter driving adventures I will have this year. I would appreciate that. 

Maybe no more caribou shoots just in case. Bummer.


  1. Hi Bethany,
    So glad you survived your ordeal! You've got a good head on shoulders, and you put it to good use on Wednesday. The winter scene pictures are beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing. Love, G.


  2. Haha! Beth your blog is hilarious!! I'm ashamed to admit this is the first time I've been on here… but it won't be the last! I love it!


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