Don’t worry, people this is not a poisonous berry! 

Just thought I’d try and regain your confidence after my last little attempt at berry picking. 🙂

Discovered these cute little suckers while picking blueberries. It’s funny how you get in a mode and when you’re picking blueberries all you see are, well, blueberries. But if you take a few seconds to really look around, it’s incredible what other things you can find. Like these little babies! 

They grow super close to the ground on these almost pine like mossy branches. The berries themselves are pretty tiny. And they are super firm! Gives a nice crunch when you bite in. 


Taste wise they don’t scream delicious like raspberries and blueberries. But they give this delicious crunch. Oh wait. I said that already.

Moving on.

I don’t think many people pick them up here because of how tiny they are, and since they are a little bland. But you know me! I just can’t let a perfectly good berry go to waste.IMG_2305.JPG

After the blueberries fizzled out I went on a little jaunt to gather some of these. Honestly I think they’re kinda fun to pick! Not squishy like the cloudberries. Yea, they’re tiny so they take awhile but you just kinda grab the little branch and peel ’em off! I love that there are no little leaves, like with the blueberries, that come off too. Makes cleaning them a breeze!

In the end I picked about a half gallon. Doesn’t sound like much, but that took about two hours. Ah but the sun was beautiful.

Now what shall I do with these lovely little crunchy gems?? I have a couple ‘o ideas that I shall share with you directly. 🙂

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