Elderberry Syrup

If you decide to only make ONE natural remedy in your life, this bad boy should be it. Elderberry syrup is seriously da bomb diggity. And PLEASE don’t be overwhelmed like I originally was. After I made it the first time I kicked myself for not making it sooner.
Please note that there is a correct way to make elderberry syrup and this is it. See below for the reason why.
My motivation for making elderberry syrup was my chronic cold sores. It’s the ONLY THING that helped boost my immune system enough where I only get them occasionally now. Before that I was getting 2-3 a month with generally more than one at a time. It was not pretty. I’m fairly certain I had them because of chronic stress in my life.
Dried elderberries

Elderberries contain the following properties which make them a powerhouse of flu fighting goodness: 

  • Anti-viral
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Decongestant
  • Expectorant
  • Antioxidant
  • High in flavonoids
  • High in Vitamin C
  • High in Vitamin A
  • Immunostimulant

Now on to the recipe!!

Elderberry Syrup

100 grams (about 1 cup) dried elderberries
2 tablespoons rose hips (optional)
2 cinnamon sticks (optional)
20 cloves (optional)
4 cups water (start with 4, you may need to add more)
1 1/2 cup raw honey**

Add all of the ingredients EXCEPT the honey to a medium saucepan. Bring it to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 30-45 minutes. Your goal is to reduce the liquid so you are left with two cups. But be sure you simmer for a FULL 30 minutes. See below for why. If you need to add a little additional water feel free.
Once the liquid is reduced by about half (2 cups) strain the herbs off. You can use either a fine mesh strainer or an old towel and rubberband. If you have sensitive fingers you may want to let the mixture cool for a few minutes before straining off. Discard the herbs and stir in the raw honey. Pour into glass jars and store in the fridge.
**Feel free to substitute brown rice syrup or glycerin if you wish.
Elderberry Syrup.png

Why it’s important to simmer for a full 30-45 minutes.

Here’s the thing, elderberry seeds contain a cyanide-like substance. Now don’t let that freak you out, because it is easily deactivated with heat. Hence why it is important to simmer for the full amount of time.


If made properly, this batch should yield 35 servings. A serving for an average adult is 15 ml. Children will need a much smaller dosage depending on their weight and age.

If you are working to fight off an infection the adult dose would be 15 ml every 2-3 hours. Use that high dose only for 2-3 days. A more general dose would be 15 ml 2-3 times a day. Again, those are dosages for an average adult. Children would be about half that dose depending on age and weight.

If you are someone who has an auto-immune condition it is best to take this under the direction of a physician.

For more great information visit this article.


How to make elderberry syrup the right way



In order to protect myself from people who might take any information I have written out of context or use it in any way I do not intend…I must say the following: I am NOT a doctor. I take no responsibility for what you do or not do with any information I have written. My opinions and writings should not take the place of a  doctor…consult one of those if you need medical advice. Pretty much…please use common sense and I strongly suggest you do your own research as well. It’s empowering!



  1. I have some really cute pictures of your kids getting fed the elderberry syrup…I should send them to you. Love that they love it!


  2. Correct-a-mondo! I probably should put that in the instructions…and that is why I need people like you to remind me of such details. Haha.


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