Calypso Orchid

I’m currently having a slight obsession with orchids. Previously I had an african violet obsession, but since they haven’t liked the last two houses I’ve lived in, they pretty much all died. All 12-14 of them. Told ya it was an obsession. The orchids haven’t gotten quite THAT out of control since they are a bit more spendy…

When I found out that Alaska has wild orchids I nearly burst with excitement! And then when I actually FOUND the suckers…my husband came home to a slightly crazed woman (in a good way…I hope…) I’ve photographed them twice now, but sadly I’m not too good with this camera yet and I’m not totally happy with the pictures. Hopefully tomorrow I can go out again, but they might be done blooming for the season which might actually make me cry. We shall see. 🙂

So far I’ve only found them in one place…by the college campus. I almost walked right past this huge clump of them. They are just super delicate and grow up out of the moss.


Mmmm Mmm! Aren’t they just incredible? I can’t get enough of them! They are totally different from any orchid I have ever seen.


The only unfortunate part…holy cow were the mosquitos bad!!! I stayed as long as I could take it…and that was with long pants, a long shirt AND bug spray.

I just really hope I can find some more tomorrow. But last week when I was there they were already starting to fade. They have about a month long bloom cycle it seems and I’m pushing that time…

On the positive side…I FOUND WILD ORCHIDS! 🙂 And I live in Alaska…how crazy is that?!

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