Ham Head

Ha! So my sister, Ruth, reminded me of another little blooper that happened back when I lived in Minnesota…


Ruth wants to have a spa night and told me she was going to try the coconut-in-the-hair deal. Although this has always sounded like a good idea to me, I’ve been a little gun-shy and told her to go right ahead and tell me how it turns out! Here’s why I’m a little scaredy cat….

My friend Rachel was, I believe, writing for the college paper at the time. Supposedly she was doing a paper on natural beauty products or some such thing. Not even sure how it all went down. I just remember her telling me that she read somewhere that mayonnaise was a great “natural” hair shiner. Okay. First off, mayo is not natural. But moving on. In order to prove this theory she decided it would be super fun and generally a good idea to test it out. Funny girl that Rachel.
Our very scientific approach was to buy a huge jar of mayo, slather it on our heads, walk around the dorm for awhile feeling cool (not) and posing seductively for the school camera (to prove we did it). I think we had plastic bags on our head to let the mayo “infuse us with it’s natural goodness.” I don’t really remember. 
After the infusion process we showered and washed our hair. And washed again. And again. Mayo, my good friends, is like grease. It does not like water and it does not like to come out. On the upside…our hair really was super shiny!!! But that was not even the worst part. The worst part was walking past ANYONE for the  next week and hearing the comment…. “Do you smell ham sandwiches??” 
Honest to goodness we smelled like ham sandwiches for the next week. So gross. But funny. Haha, I’ll tell ya one thing…if you want to grab the attention of a few eligible bachelors…ham hair is a pretty good way! 
Somewhere out there are some pictures of us with our mayo hair. I have never seen them. Not even sure if the article made it in the school paper….
P.S. I am waiting to hear from my sister if coconut oil works any better. I feel smelling like a pina colada is better than a ham sandwich. 


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